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We Are Praying For You This Easter

Your calling as a pastor does not mean you are superhuman or super-holy. It does mean you have responded to God and poured out your life in love and service to people. Anyone with that calling needs the power of prayer.

Easter is a busy time for you and your family as you stand on the front lines of ministry. It’s easy to grow weary and tired as you prepare for one of the most important Sundays of the year. 

We want you to know we are praying for you as you enter this weekend. We hope God refreshes your heart and mind as you prepare yourself to minister to children and families. Here are four prayer points that we are praying over you.

  1. PREPARATION:  All the work you have done in preparation will be used mightily for the glory of God. We pray that God empowers you and that you minister from the overflow of God’s love.  You will have abundant strength as you love and serve others for the glory of God. May you experience the joy of His presence every moment as you celebrate the power of His resurrection.


  2. UNITY: Ministry is a team effort and we pray for unity amongst your church as you minister this Easter. May you put on the virtue of love that binds your team together in unity (Col 3:14). Your team will flow together and accomplish the work set before you. We pray that every person who encounters your ministry will know you are disciples of Christ by your love for one another.


  3. YOUR FAMILY: We thank God for the sacrifices your family has made for the calling you have. We pray God supernaturally protects, provides and strengthens your family. May your family experience the blessings of God.


  4. REST: We pray that God sustains your body and soul and after Easter, we pray that you will find the time to rest. We ask God to provide a season of refreshing and renewal for your life and ministry. In Jesus may you find rest for your soul (Matthew 11:28-30). 

Happy Easter! Be encouraged and have a blessed weekend!

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