Welcome to the download site for The MEGA Show!

We hope these resources help you SHINE as a leader. You will find this site broken up into three basic parts: 

  1. Must Do
  2. Should Do 
  3. Could Do

Be sure to explore each of these areas in order to effectively plan and promote your event as we partner together. We are here to serve you, so call or email us with any questions you may have.

We can’t wait to have some crazy fun sharing the Gospel at your event!

Must Do

Audio/Video Requirements

  • 2 wireless headset mics – for our emcee & co-emcee (if you don’t have this, a handheld will work great too) 
  • 1 wireless handheld mic – for asking the crowd questions
  • 1 sound system with a 1⁄8 inch audio input for our Macbook Pro 
  • 1 video system & screens with an HDMI connection for our Macbook Pro 
    • Note: Church Audio/Video technicians will not be responsible for our show cues. Our emcee’s control all our audio and video cues via remote control from the stage using a professional remote system called Media Monkey. 
  • 1 power outlet in audio/video booth for our Macbook Pro 
  • 1 power outlet or extension cord on stage

Stage Requirements

Click here to view the MEGA Show Stage Requirements
  • Stage Size = We’d love to have at least 17 ft deep x 50 ft wide. But if that’s not doable, no problem. We can accommodate whatever space you have. Our show staging is very adjustable.


  • 1 private changing area for our mascot to dress near the performance space 
  • 1 large trash can with trash bag


  • 4 adult helpers to assist with running a few games. We will need 5 minutes to prep them before the show.
  • At least 5 adult helpers (can be the same game helpers) to participate in our “Musical Pies” skit (just a little shaving cream that wipes right off). It won’t get on their clothing. We’ll need 5 minutes to prep them before the show. 
Click here for a pdf version of this information

Should Do

Event Promotion

We highly encourage you to promote your event in your community. We have made event promotion easy for you. Simply download The EPIC Show Promotional Package

The EPIC Show Promotional Package

Pre-Show Onscreen Games

If you'd like to use our free pre-show content as your guests are finding their seats and waiting for the EPIC Show to begin, please download our optional onscreen games and upload them into your ProPresenter or other video player to display on your big screen. There are options for one continuous 30-minute video or individual games.

The final video has a 3-minute countdown that can be used right before the show starts. These games are optional content that help introduce the audience to our mascot and create some energy in the room before showtime!

Get the Pre-Show Content

Press Release

Pitch Letter to Local TV, Radio and Newspaper

We have created a customizable pitch letter that you can send to local TV, Radio, and Newspaper outlets to promote your event. If your city has a KLOVE radio station, we recommend sharing the event with them.

Download HERE

Could Do

Event Posters

Make your event pop by printing these 2 foot x 3 foot posters. Strategically place the posters around the venue to maximize the cool factor!

Download HERE

Door Prizes & EPIC Giveaway

If you are interested in capturing names and addresses of the guests at your event, consider doing a door prize giveaway. You create signup cards gathering the desired information and provide a place for people to fill them out. You may purchase one (or more) of the EPIC merchandise items from our resource table at a 20% discount to use as the prize for the winning entry that is drawn.

SPECIAL OFFER: “Door Prize” package ($140 value) for $99 includes:

    • 5 EPIC Drawstring Backpacks  
    • 5 EPIC Pop Sockets  
    • 10 “You are EPIC!” Wristbands  
    • 10 Kazoo Stickers 
    • 10 LED Bouncy Balls 

Resource table items include:

  • Kazoo Stickers = $2 (discount price = $1.60)
  • “You are EPIC” Wristbands = $2 (discount price = $1.60)
  • EPIC Pop Sockets = $5 (discount price = $4)
  • EPIC LED Bouncy Balls = $5 (discount price = $4)
  • EPIC Backpacks = $5 (discount price = $4)
  • EPIC T-Shirt = $15 (discount price = $12)
  • EPIC Hat = $10 (discount price = $8)
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