School Outreach Ministry

We have an EPIC vision to connect churches and schools, strengthen communities, and reach as many children and families with the Gospel.

When your church partners with EPIC Ministries, you can take advantage of our strategic school outreach ministry and be a hero in the community by sponsoring school assemblies for your local schools.

Sponsoring school assemblies is proven to:

  • Drive new kids and families to your church
  • Make your church known in the community
  • Help you build relationships with local school administrators

At the end of the Christian entertainment event for kids, we ask the students: “Did you have fun today? Do you want to have even MORE fun with us? Awesome! Come back this Friday for a free family fun night at church.”

When our school outreach ministry visits a school in your area, we use the platform to invite kids to your church event. Imagine reaching new families in your neighborhood. Imagine their children wanting to come to your church because they experienced EPIC fun at school. Imagine these families coming to your church and receiving a powerful Gospel message.

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Virtual Assemblies

Right now, virtual learning is allowing students to access and interact with educational content in ways that would have not been possible just a few years ago. Now is the time to embrace technology and the opportunities available to benefit your local schools digitally.

You can use our digital resources to help your school partners navigate this unique season in education. Our school outreach ministry has produced a new digital assembly program called “The EPIC Show.” Students will love our high-energy, interactive show that is packed with powerful messages that are easy to apply to real life. And your school staff will appreciate the customized curriculum that we provide along with the videos.

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Customized Events

EPIC Ministries is passionate about providing Christian entertainment for kids’ events. We use fun, exciting content to positively impact students. Each assembly features our fun mascot character “Kazoo” and a talented motivational speaker. Our school outreach ministry events have hilarious mascot skits and exciting games like our EPIC Bumper Ball Battles and Toilet Paper Launchers that are sure to capture students’ attention. We customize our show for each school and offer positive messages on bullying prevention, anti-drugs, kindness, character, self-esteem, leadership and more.

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School Outreach Ministry

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