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How to Share FAITH Through FUN

How to Share FAITH Through FUN

We love to share our faith through fun and we want to encourage you to do the same. Kids love games and games can bring fun, energy and excitement to your children's ministry. But don’t just play games for entertainment sake, practice play with purpose. Here are some tips:

  1. Begin with the Biblical Truth The best game time begins with a clear Biblical truth. So start by choosing a Biblical truth that you want kids to understand and apply the truth to their lives.
  2. Create or Find a Game Use your creativity to create an interactive game or research online a game idea that you can use. There are literally hundreds of ideas online that will provide great inspiration. Consider games as tools to teach so add as many as you can to your teaching toolbox. Variety is also good when it comes to games. Mix it up with large group games, team games, high-energy games, messy games, fast games, slower games, etc.
  3. Introduce the Biblical Truth Before Playing the Game This will get your kids thinking about the game and how it relates to what you are teaching. The introduction will prepare them to discuss and listen to the application.
  4. Play the Game Play the game with as much organized enthusiasm as you can. Preparation is key because if you don’t clearly lead and instruct, the kids enthusiasm can take over the game and you’ll lose the ability to effectively apply the Biblical Truth. Add elements like exciting music, score keeping or prizes to make it even more fun.
  5. Debrief and Apply the Biblical Truth. After the game is over, sit down with the kids and talk about how it relates to and illustrates the key truth. Have key questions planned out that will spark discussion. Make the questions open-ended to engage critical thinking.

We believe in the power of games and that is why our EPIC shows are built upon sharing FAITH through FUN. Our team is composed of experienced children pastors and dedicated motivational speakers who have been preaching to national audiences for years. We love to work with churches from all over the U.S. and on international missions.

Our format is simple: a clear Gospel presentation and the craziest fun games your kids have ever experienced!


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