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God is working things out for your good | Taylor Griswold Testimony

I want to encourage you today. Maybe you feel a little stuck this season. Maybe you question what God is doing in your life or what the future holds for you. I can relate.
Growing up, I was that kid with all the weird hobbies. I was into juggling, magic, acting, dance, music, art, gymnastics, etc. I had no idea how God would use those things for anything good. Thankfully, He had a bigger plan than me.
I became the mascot at Auburn University and got recruited into the NBA. Being a mascot was the perfect outlet for every passion or hobby that I grew up doing.
I spent many years using my gifts as the mascot for the Detroit Pistons until God called me into ministry. My wife Amy and I left our jobs, sold our house, and followed God’s call to Austin, Texas.
When we started EPIC Ministries, I quickly realized God had been preparing me since I was a child. Today EPIC is blessed to reach and teach children and families all over the world. We have become a team of dedicated evangelists and entertainers. Everyone in our EPIC family is passionate about serving leaders and churches like you as you share the gospel with your community!
God is working things out for your good. He may be refining you and building you up so that he can use you in an even greater way. Together, let’s never give up and let’s joyfully share the Good News of Jesus Christ!

-Taylor Griswold

Founder, EPIC Ministries

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