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FREE EPIC On Screen Digital Game Bundle

Get your FREE EPIC On Screen Digital Game Bundle

3 Games + 1 Countdown! These games are perfect for live large group settings or virtual meetings.

Watch this video to see what is included

Digital Game Bundle Includes:

  1. Kazoo's Name That Sound Challenge: Our friend Kazoo hosts a fun guess that sound challenge. Kids will have fun trying to figure out what sound is played in the video.
  2. Recall Challenge: Get ready to test your memory with EPIC's Recall Challenge. Kids will have fun watching a short clip and trying to recall what they saw.
  3. Bible Emoji Challenge: Kids love emojis and they will have fun trying to guess the Bible Story from a series of emojis.
  4. Bible Emoji Countdown: 3 minute countdown version of the Bible Emoji Challenge. A great way to start any service or event.

Download today! Together, let's reach more children with the love of Jesus!
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