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Family Ministry Resource | Christian Movie Reviews

We know as a kids ministry leader you are always looking for helpful resources for your ministry and the families you serve. A lot of kids pastors wonder which movies can be safely used for family movie nights. Well, we would love to share two of our favorite movie review sites with you.

  1. Christian Spotlight |
    They often have the latest movies reviewed before they are even released. We love how they provide a moral rating and how they share in detail with applicable scriptures the positive and negative messages from each movie. With the scripture references included you can easily create teachings and discussion questions related to the movie. They archive all of their reviews so name a movie and they probably have it reviewed.

  2. Common Sense Media |
    Their mission to ensure digital well-being for kids everywhere has never been more vital than it is today. We love how they say, “You know your kids. We know media and tech. Together we can build a digital world where our kids can thrive.” They not only rate movies, but also TV shows, books, and more so parents can feel good about the entertainment choices they make for their kids.

We hope these resources are helpful. We know parents today are looking for safe, clean entertainment and that is what we love to provide. Our vision at EPIC Ministries is to glorify God by creating fun, memorable experiences through positive entertainment. We’d love to serve you and your church! Check out our new VIRTUAL TOUR to learn more about The EPIC Show!


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